2019 remarks the year of the big comeback of the legendary eSports Hardware-brand QPAD.

After the take-over by Darfon Electronics, the world leading laptop keyboard manufacturer, with its more than 25 years of experience in the design, development and manufacturing of keyboards, mice and headphone sets, the QPAD will be stronger than ever.

“We at QPAD build our success on a grass roots commitment to the gaming community.We thrive in competition and embrace the free spirit of gaming. We provide the gaming world with premium high-quality equipment, giving eSporters, enthusiasts and casual gamers all over the world a winning edge.”

The story of QPAD began in Stockholm, Sweden in 1992 by Mr. Christer Kornback, the founder and “a hardcore gamer” who brought a change to gamers experience by introducing high-quality mouse pads to the standard office-grade mouse pads. The change had caught the attentions of many and later in year 1997 when he was asked to produce a custom–sized mouse pad for “one of the World’s first eSport events in Stockholm; “the Swedish Quake Championships”. As a prominent member of the Swedish online gaming scene at that time, he started to introduce products that would embrace the gaming experience and high-quality equipment for gamers.

Sharing the passion and philosophy of QPAD, we will continue to drive QPAD as a leading brand by providing premium eSport equipment which is designed with only gaming in mind to gamers and computer enthusiasts all over the world.

All QPAD products will carry the same legacy: passion for gaming and a true commitment to the gaming and eSport communities.