QH700 Premium Stereo Gaming Headset

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  • This brand new QPAD headset provides the custom 53 mm driver nature sound performance at each frequency and high user comfort for long gaming sessions. User-friendly elements:
  • Closed earmuff design with clear and powerful motion coil monomer
  • Rotating ear cup makes sure the headset is worn comfortably
  • Detachable single pointing microphone can clearly capture speaking and isolate unnecessary background noise
  • Adjustable headband adapts to any head shape
  • Robust steel slider provides the perfect fit wearing



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Technical details

Transducer Type

Dynamic, Closed Ø53 mm Driver

Frequency Response

15 – 25,000 Hz

Nominal Impedance

60Ω ± 30% per system

SPL Sound Pressure Level

98 ± 3dB


< 2%

Sound Coupling to the ear


Ambient Noise Attenuation

Approx. 20 dBA

Headband Pressure



350 g

Cable Length

approx. 2 m


Mini stereo jack plug 3.5 mm


Transducer Type

Condenser (back electret)

Polar Pattern


Frequency Response

100 – 12,000 Hz


2% at f = 1 kHz

Max. SPL

105 dB SPL

Length mic boom

150 mm

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 44 × 14 × 30 cm

7 reviews for QH700 Premium Stereo Gaming Headset

  1. Posted by QPAD Admin

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  2. Nico K

    Delivery was really fast. Comfort is very good even after many hours of playing. Sound quality is also great

  3. Lukas S

    I ordered one for my gaming setup. After a short time it was here and it think its really great.
    The soundquality is nice and i can hear every footsteps in CSGO. It also fits my head very well.

    10/10 would buy again.

  4. Andre K.

    Bought this Headset because i wanted to try something new out – good comfort & i can also hear steps in CS:GO pretty well, Iam satisfied!

  5. Dave

    Comfortable for hourlong gaming sessions, good microphone quality and overall just a good headset!

  6. Peter K

    Bought this during Easter Sale, it arrived quite fast. Love that clear and crisp sound. Detachable mic is very handy once you listen to some music outside. Also rotating ear cups are geat option if you decide to have a rest. Everything is as described, so over all I’m quite satisfied with it.

  7. FLF

    The headset feels awesome. Comfort is still given even after hours of playing with it while still maintaining an awesome sound experience. Listening to steps in CSGO has never felt easier. Considering it’s quality I also think that the price is really decent, I’ve had different headsets over the years and they either were way more expensive for less quality or generally just overpriced. This headset really feels like a solid choice for everyone who’s looking for a realistically priced high quality gaming headset.

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