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QPAD®|QH25 RGB Stereo and 7.1 USB Gaming Headset, Multiplatform (Stereo)

39.90 VAT included

The QPAD QH25 is the new entry class for 7.1 USB Gaming-Headsets of QPAD. The gear is made in a light weighted and comfortable design. With its excellent stereo and 7.1 USB (optional) sound and solid bass it is the perfect choice for Multi-Gaming. You just hear faster with it! The QPAD QH25 distinguishes itself with an extremely light weight and a very comfortable wearing comfort. The ears are completely surrounded by the soft ear cushions. You can use it in stereo mode with your PC, PS4, Xbox One or mobile devices. So it is the perfect choice for the multiplatform Gamer. The QPAD QH25 features in addition an external 7.1 USB sound card. This allows you to enjoy your games on the PC in surround-sound.