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QPAD®|QH95 High End Stereo Gaming Headset

89.90 VAT included

The QPAD QH95 Gaming-Headset is a perfect choice for multiplatform gamers and enthusiasts. Regardless if you want to play games on PC, PS4, Xbox One, watching films or listening to music, this headset provides you the full support.

Equipped with a flexible and superb microphone the QPAD QH95 supports great speaking quality.

An integrated volume control gives you the freedom to adjust the speakers to your personal need for the game.

If you do not need the microphone you can easily de-plug it, so it cannot disturb you while usage. In addition the QPAD QH95 offers utmost wearing comfort. The ears are completely covered with soft ear pads. The adjustable headband adapts to any head shape.

The extra long cable offer additional freedom. With the 7.1 USB sound-adapter you can easily turn this high-end stereo headset into a fully surround-sound headset for your PC.