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MK75 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

  • Keyboard includes top quality Cherry MX Switches
  • Soft leather ergonomic wristband design provides extremely high durability with up to 50 million keystrokes life span.
  • Built-in “Anti-Ghosting” for all keys of the keyboard, preventing you from miss-triggering or double clicking at the most intense moments of your online games.
  • Dazzling RGB per key illumination empowers your keyboard with unique characteristics, making you very special among other competitors sitting together in dark rooms of tournament arena.
  • Always ready to win the game with just a “Plug’N’Play“.
  • No need to install software – Smooth way to your gaming victory!

MK95 Pro Gaming Mechanical Switchable Optical Switch Keyboard With RGB Backlit

  • 2 speed typing options depending on your key stroking purpose.
  • Lever designed switch is located on the right hand top side of the keyboard with a light indicator for changing the key type.
  • This keyboard offers stunning 60 million keystrokes life span.
  • The volume roller offers the fast volume adjusting.
  • Uniquely designed magnetic soft leather arm rest offers more comfort for your wrists even in long gaming battles.
  • Fully customizable RGB lightning of the keyboard can be easily customized to players who need special effects in dark environments.
  • Integrated “Anti-Ghosting” function enables you to simultaneously press all modifier buttons (i.e. Shift key, CTRL button, Alt and Windows button) as well as 6 additional shortcut buttons, without losing any information.
  • High durability is always an important factor. Keyboard frame is made of aluminum, providing a rock-solid protection and durability.