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QPAD®|MK75 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

149.90 99.00 VAT included

The MK-75 professional Gaming Keyboard: Cherry MX Switches, leather wrist rest and high durability!

The QPAD MK75 comes with the world´s leading mechanical Cherry MX switch. It offers an extremely high durability with up to 50 million keystrokes.

Built-in “Anti-Ghosting” is covering all keys of keyboard, preventing you from miss-triggering or double clicking at your most intense moment in games.  


Dazzling RGB per key illumination empowers your keyboard with unique characteristic, setting apart you from your competitors even in the dark of tournament arena.      


Always ready to win the game with just a “”Plug and play””. No fancy or complicated software needed enroute to your victory.”


QPAD®|MK40 – Pro Gaming Membranical Keyboard

49.90 VAT included

Due to their Membranical contacts and the adjusted coil springs, the buttons of the QPAD MK40 offer a very soft and in particular by 30% shorter stroke than conventional keyboards. This feature maximises the entry speed and reactivity while playing – with minimum fatigue by unmatched velocity and reaction advantages.

The QPAD MK40 has an extremely high durability to 8 million keystrokes. Traditional keyboards are usually designed for 5 million button operations. The special designed Membranical Key-Technology of the QPAD MK40 in contrast is laid out for extensive use during your Gaming-Sessions.