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MK40 – Pro Gaming ‘Membranical’ Keyboard

  • Due to their ‘Membranical’ contacts and the adjusted coil springs, the keys of the QPAD MK40 offer a very soft and in particular by 30% shorter stroke than conventional keyboards – maximizing entry speed and reactivity while playing games – with minimum fatigue by unmatched velocity and reaction advantages.
  • 4 lighting modes: Breath, Cycle, Static and Off.
  • 4 level of adjustable brightness.
  • Integrated “Anti-Ghosting” function enables you to simultaneously press all modifier buttons (i.e. Shift key, CTRL button, Alt and Windows button) as well as 6 additional shortcut buttons, without loosing any data (‘Ghost button effect’).
  • High durability up to 8 million keystrokes life span (Traditional membranical keyboards are usually designed for up to 5 million key strokes operations).