DX Optical Mouse
  • Advanced Optical sensor for optimized tracking performance
  • High quality Omron main switches with a distinct mechanical feedback
  • Zero Mouse acceleration, one-to-one relationship between the mouse and the screen
  • Bottom plate RGB LED


QPAD®|DX Pro Gaming Optical Mouse

QPAD DX Pro Gaming Optical Mouse

QPAD’s DX-20, the company’s latest mouse, breaks new ground in more ways than one. The DX-20 is the first new mouse shape from QPAD in seven years. Equally important, it’s an multi-surface mouse, meaning you can use it on more surfaces than any previous optical gaming mouse.

1:1 mouse movement
With an improved design inspired by the legendary Microsoft Intellimouse 1.1, the new DX-20’s sensor features game-critical zero-mouse acceleration, precisely matching 1:1 movement between your mouse and the movement on the screen. This gives gamers the confidence that they have the most up-to-date gaming tool available on the market. The feeling of movement that the new sensor in the DX-20 provides gamers is awesome – shades of the legendary Intellimouse family.
Ambidextrous shape
The new ambidextrous shape works for both left and right-handed players, and the ergonomic advantages apply in either case.  The mouse sits comfortably in your hand and the grip is perfectly balanced and works for either palm or claw-grip.
Surface LED
One of the coolest things about the new DX-20 is the bottom plated RGB LED, which features a strip of LED circumnavigating the mouse and allows visibility of the cursor during low-light gaming sessions. In addition to the LED bottom strip, the logo and the scroll-wheel are also  lit by LED.

And true to the QPAD tradition, what lies beneath the exterior razzle-dazzle of the LEDs is a solid, well-tuned mouse with a balanced and professional feel.
Like QPAD’s other line up, the DX-20 features an advanced ARM processor, QPAD Glidz mouse feet's, intuitive software for advanced settings, seven programmable buttons for profiles, sensitivity, shortcuts, keys and macro recordings.

QPAD also includes support for gamers who like to play on different computers. As such, it supports Plug & Play for easy installation. No drivers are needed and it carries a 128kb on-board memory that will store your personal profile settings.  No need to fiddle around once you’re plugged into another computer.
Few optical products can match the DX-20’s ability to work on so many surfaces. So if you’re gaming from an unfamiliar mouse pad or on no mouse pad at all, you won’t be disadvantaged.  In fact, with the DX-20, you can hit the ground running!

Availability: November 26 at Dreamhack
Recommended selling price: 69€

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Price: 69 Euro





Sensor technology:......
Max Acceleration:.......
Max Speed:.................
Image processing:........
USB report rate:..........
USB Data format:.........
Sensing pixels:.............
Sampling rate:.............
USB plug: ...................
Response time:............
MCU Controller unit:...
Backlight: ...................
On board memory:.......
Main buttons:..............

Gaming grade optical sensor
3500 CPI  (Counts/inch)
20 G
80 IPS (inch/sec)
3.6 MPS (Mega pixels/second)
125, 250, 500, 1000 Hz
16 bits/axis
676 pixels
5.300 FPS (Frames/second)
Braided cable 2 meter
Gold plated USB
1 ms
ARM Cortex M3 processor
RGB led 16.7 million colors
Plug & Play
128 kb
Omron switches. Left / right. 10 mil. clicks
For advanced features and functions.

Sweclockers review  

QPAD is currently the undisputed champ. 

"The DX-20 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse is a professional piece of tech designed for E-Sport enthusiasts, and it’s consequently the best work mouse I’ve ever used."



QPAD have set out to make one of the best gaming mice on the market with their new DX-20, and I’m happy to say they’ve achieved their goal with flying colours.

“The QPAD DX-20 is one of the best mice on the market today, flawless performance, sleek and stylish design, perfectly tuned for the competitive gaming market and all this at a price that doesn’t put it out of the reach of most gamers. It’ll make a welcome addition to any desktop setup.”


German Video review


German review

Spanish review
Polish review

"We believe that DX-20 is currently one of the best mice on the market, perfect performance and stylish appearance".

English Review DX-20 Platinum Award
"it's one of the most comfortable gaming mice I’ve gotten my hands on to date."

"the DX-20 Pro performed even better than some of my favorite (and similarly designed) gaming mice out there including the Sensei and the FK1."

"QPAD is considered to be among the “premium” gaming peripheral manufacturers in the world so naturally their products are not low-cost and with a current price tag set at 65Euros inside the EU ( the DX-20 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse certainly does not come cheap (unfortunately we were unable to locate it inside the USA). Still we do believe that it’s worth every single penny not only because of its very comfortable design but also because of its quality components and amazing tracking ability which is also why it gets our Platinum Award."


QPAD have crafted an excellent mouse in the DX-20. It’s a successful modern take on the legendary Microsoft Intellimouse, backed with intuitive software and gorgeous RGB lighting. While the small size won’t suit all hand sizes or mouse grips, it makes a lot of sense for fans of lightweight mice.



German review DX-20

The new DX-20 QPAD delivers a convincing mouse for gamers. 
In all areas of DX-20 leaves a very good impression. In terms of quality of workmanship and technology (precision), the DX-20 must not hide behind the strong competition. 

Score 9/10
Award: Recommended buy award


Software / Driver QPAD DX Pro Gaming Optical Mouse

Download latest version>> 
QPAD DX-20 Optical Software v1.0

QPAD DX-20 Optical Software v1.28

QPAD DX-20 Optical Software v1.29 (20160126)


Q: My mouse is lagging or having trouble responding to my movements.
A:  There are several reasons why this might happen. Please try cleaning the sensor chamber of the mouse. Dirt, hair or dust particles can interfere with the laser sensor making the mouse not responding accurately to your movements.

Also make sure that you are only using one set of Glidz on your mouse. Using two or more sets on top of each other can bring the mouse too high above the surface for the sensor to read it correctly. Make sure you are only using one set of Glidz and try adjusting the setting “Lift distance” in the QPAD 8K Software.
If the problem persists, please contact QPAD Support.



Software / Driver QPAD DX-20 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse

Download latest version>> 

QPAD DX-20 Optical Software v1.0

QPAD DX-20 Optical Software v1.28






Price: 69 Euro